DIDON is a duo consisting of Grammy-nominated producer, composer, and DJ Carmen Rizzo, along with Tunisian-Canadian singer-songwriter Meriem Ben Amor. Together, they collaborate to blend cutting-edge EDM production with North African flavors. 

DIDON's debut album, "Tunisian Tale," showcases Meriem's captivating vocals, Tunisian lyrics, and Carmen's decades of expertise in electronic music production. This collaboration results in exceptional tunes that seamlessly combine traditional Arabic instrumentation with modern rhythms and synth lines. 

The vibrant North African soundscapes of "Tunisian Tale" held the #1 position on the NACC World Music charts for multiple consecutive weeks, capturing the attention of prestigious radio stations such as KEXP and KCRW, as well as the highly influential radio program 'Echoes.'

The album was sponsored by Canada Council For The Arts and released by Electrofone Music on January 10, 2023.



- First single "Beside You" released Jan 16, 2022.

- Didon's first single is Top Tune of The Day on KCRW Feb 28, 2022.

- Second single "Raven Lashes" released Apr 17, 2022.

- 1st Album " Tunisian Tale" released Jan 10, 2023.

- Didon's first interview at the prestigious program Echoes March 13, 2023

- "Tunisian Tale" rated #1 on the NACC World Music charts for 6 consecutive weeks.

- "Meriem Ben Amor" is the semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition with two songs: "Raven Lashes" and "Beside You".

- Didon receives two Gold Medals at the Global Music Awards for best "Duo" and best "Female Vocalist".

- "Tunisian Tale" tracks remixed and re-imagined by an impressive lineup of talented artists from around the world:  [dunkelbunt], Bombay Dub Orchestra, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Ivan Shopov and Oblik Lines. "Tunisian Tale Remixed" released on July 28, 2023.

- New single "Sahara" will be released May 10, 2024.



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