From the recording Sahara سهارى

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Explore the captivating sound of Didon with their latest single, "Sahara." Led by two-time Grammy-nominated producer Carmen Rizzo and Tunisian-Canadian singer-songwriter Meriem Ben Amor.

"Sahara" is a captivating blend of dark, mysterious electronica infused with authentic North African and Arabic vibes.

The track weaves a rich tapestry of haunting downtempo grooves, textured with traditional Arabic wind instruments and Meriem's entrancing vocals.

It's a sonic journey that takes you through sleepless nights, restless thoughts, and the longing for a beloved.

This mesmerizing track is the first single from Didon's upcoming album, offering a tantalizing preview of what's to come.


كيف الجمر الحامي
بعده كواني
كيف الجمر الحامي
بعده كواني
كيف الجمر الحامي
يبرد و يطفى
كيف نشوفه قدامي
بعده كواني

و القمر يواسي
عيوني السّهارى
و القمر يواسي
عيوني السّهارى
و القمر يواسي
و تطول اللّيالي
حبيبي ماني ناسي
و عيوني سهارى

الأيّمات تعدّت
و باقي على حالي
و الشّهور تعدّت
و باقي على حالي
و السّنين تعدّت
و القلب خالي
في فراق الغالي
باقي على حالي

How the scorching ember,
Turns cold and dim,
How the burning member,
Fades on a whim.

And the moon does lend,
Solace to my eyes,
As nights extend,
Love never dies.

Years have flown,
Yet I remain in place,
As time has shown,
Love's enduring grace.