From the recording Raven Lashes Remix

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"Raven Lashes Remix" by Carmen Rizzo released July 2023.


Original Arabic Lyrics

كحلة الأشفار

ريتو اللّي صار
في عاشق ممحون
هايم محتار
آه يا لا لا لي يا لال

كحلة الأشفار
شوات المكنون
بخزرة كالنّار
آه يا لا لا لي يا لال

هواها غدّار
والعذاب يهون
لو تصفى نهار
آه يا لا لا لي يا لال

English Translation

Raven Lashes

Have you heard about the rift?
Of a hopeless lover,
Clueless and adrift,
Ah Yalali Ya Lal.

The girl with the raven lashes
Has tormented the mystic lover
With her gleaming gaze, to ashes,
Ah Yalali Ya Lal.

Her insidious devotion,
And the torture, would be fair
If she just, one day, would display her honest emotion,
Ah Yalali Ya Lal.